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Aidan Burley

Friction Free Shaving

“Matt and his team helped us grow our brand new e-commerce start-up from just 150 subscribers to 6,000 in just 5 months – a growth rate of over 200% every month! 

They did this through their extensive Facebook marketing expertise and by using innovative tools and techniques to grow awareness of our brand across all social media. 

Their particular strength was to run Facebook Adverts that converted at an extremely low CPA – which enabled us to grow our new business quickly whilst still on a limited budget. 

The quality of our social media posts increased exponentially, and with it the reputation of our business. 

Matt is extremely reliable and professional, and the results speak for themselves. I can strongly recommend him and the results Click Smart Digital achieves.”

Susanna Fiore

Vita Bella Pilates

“Click Smart Digital helped me market my Pilates business online, helping to strengthen it from it’s very first incarnation. It is now a year and a half old and flourishing beyond expectation.

Matthew is friendly, efficient, and his knowledge and expertise in this field have been an asset to my business. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Dene Stuart

The Thinking Revolution

“I had come to think that social media marketing was not an area of strength for me.

So when I was introduced to Matt it was immediately obvious that here was someone who has a natural affinity with it and who has translated that affinity into a commercial skill that he brings to bear with great effect.

Matt has made social media marketing understandable to me and I can now see how I can work with it in my business.

I am already getting early results from the ideas he has given me.

It gave me confidence to know that he works with some very big names in the world of self and business development but his down to earth, common-sense approach and empathy with the objectives I have for my business have made working with him a great experience.

Matt has a very direct and no-nonsense approach which appeals to me, which means we get to the heart of any issue very quickly.

If you think you need help with your social media marketing then I would whole heartedly recommend working with Matt.”

Anna Russell

AR Artist Management

“Before I started working with Matt, I felt there was a lot more potential to the social media strategy I had in place, but didn’t really know how to move forward and grow my online community further.

I first heard of Matt (and saw him speak) at a Shaa Wasmund bootcamp. I thought he had a no-nonsense and enthusiastic approach to social media and business, which I found appealing, but he also put it across in a very clear and easy-to-understand way. He came highly recommended and I agree!

Working with Matt has had a great impact on the growth of my Facebook following for my business page, by approx. 500 followers (or 33%) as well as increase my private Facebook group approx. 20% over 4-6 weeks. I also now know how to create a successful Facebook advert and analyse its results. I am really pleased with these results in such a short space of time.

Now I’m excited about having viable online business! And much increased growth and engagement on social media with a much better understanding of social media and how it can be utilised 🙂

Matt has give such great support and encouragement, whilst also making the learning and doing process of it all fun and exciting.”

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