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Meet The Click Smart Team

Neil Asher - Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Neil is a serial entrepreneur who has started and grown five multi-million pound businesses. He has also franchised one of his businesses into five countries and licensed another into nine countries.

Our CEO was also among the top 100 affiliates in the world, out of 250,000 entrants. He has also been featured in The Financial Times, talking about growing and outsourcing businesses.

Neil originally trained as a chef, eventually running his own restaurant. On the way, he worked alongside the likes of Gordon Ramsay, Marco Pierre-White and Raymond Blanc. If you ever fancy a laugh (and you’re not easily offended), ask him what he thought of Gordon… 😀

Nowadays, Neil’s main drive is to help the businesses he works with to make money. He runs a successful e-commerce product business himself and teaches others how to do the same.

His business motto is “Test it on our businesses first, then apply it to our clients’ businesses”. Neil believes that the only purpose of digital marketing is to increase the profits of the business to which it’s applied.

Matt Duggan - Managing Director

click-smart-digitalMatt (or Matthew as his mum insists on calling him) has had a pretty varied background to reach the point of becoming our Managing Director.

He’s a former magician (not a typo) who was invited to perform at Buckingham Palace, and a Facebook Ads ninja who freelanced for agencies and small businesses, before joining and growing Click Smart with Neil.

Matt’s main drive in business is to help business owners to make more money by generating their ideal prospects online and then converting them into long-term customers.

Matt oversees the team here at Click Smart and ensures that your campaigns are created, deployed and measured to the highest standard.

Annie-Celeste Taylor - Business Manager

It’s fair to say that, without Annie-Celeste, we’d be a lot less organised.

Annie is the one who ensures that our business runs smoothly, so that we can focus on creating the best possible experience for you.

Fortunately, she has rather a lot of experience of that sort of thing. Before working at Click Smart, Annie was one of the people who dealt with the artists for the five main stages at Glastonbury Festival, one of the UK’s biggest music events. Basically, It was her job to get 15,000 people in and out of a big farm safely. Managing Neil and Matt isn’t quite as challenging (although it has its moments).

Annie is also a pretty incredible stage manager, having worked on West End shows and fashion spectaculars in Nigeria and Morocco. Annie has a strict ‘no divas’ policy (which is a wonder, considering that she’s also Matt’s partner).

Jenny Gaboff - Social Media Manager

social media management

Jenny is originally from Dominican Republic and speaks Spanish fluently.
While she moved to New York at the age of 13 she considers herself a “True New Yorker” and a self-described ‘golfing enthusiast and lifelong learner.’
Always eager to help see through our customer’s vision, she is obsessed (in her words) with all things social media and brings her passion and enthusiasm for digital marketing, social media, and community management.

Lee-Ann Masterson - Bespoke Facebook Ads Manager

Lee-Ann is our in-house Facebook Ads hero and paid advertising expert. She also happens to be our 2nd Scottish team member (Annie’s the first – we like strong, no-nonsense Scots at Click Smart).

Lee-Ann has run campaigns for brands in a wide variety of different niches and markets, including successful campaigns for Friction Free Shaving, Intuition Languages and Blue Cow.

When it comes to paid ads, the important factors are the ad creative, the targeting and the optimisation of the campaign. Lee-Ann does all three, while also ensuring that your campaigns are built for scale from the outset.

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